“Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:18-21

God is doing a new thing in your life this year but you have a big part to play. Here are 3 things you don’t want to forget!

  1. Don’t forget to FORGET THE PAST.

God is not in the past, He’s in your present. What is God doing in your life RIGHT NOW?

God asks us a question in this passage: “Will you be aware of it?”

Psychologists say that those who are focused on the negative will miss 50% of the positive opportunities that come their way.

Do you want to miss 50% of the good things God is doing in your life?

Of course, the past isn’t all bad, but the painful, hurtful, disappointing things are usually the things we remember. So, forget them, don’t think about them, don’t rehearse, nurse, and curse them. Move on!

Paul, the apostle, says it this way:

“Brothers and sisters, I know that I have not yet reached that goal, but there is one thing I always do. Forgetting the past and straining toward what is ahead.” Philippians 3:13 NCV

And this brings up the second thing not to forget:

  1. Don’t forget to FOCUS ON THE NEW THING.

Notice what Paul said he was focusing on – what’s ahead!

God is doing a NEW THING in your life this year. This is what you need to focus on!

You cannot drive your car safely, nor get very far, if you are incessantly looking in your rearview mirror. You will hurt yourself and others. It is the same way if you live your life looking behind you!

God is ALWAYS doing something good in your life, but you must choose to look for it and focus on it.

My wife, Hope, went through chemo treatment last year. It was really hard. But during the worst of it I noticed that she became very positive. Every day I saw her finding and focusing on the positive things in every situation, even the cancer.

The other day I asked her why she chose to focus on the positive. She gave me four reasons:

  • It kept (keeps) her out of depression.
  • It makes others around her miserable when she doesn’t.
  • If she doesn’t, it makes the bad even worse.
  • It improves her health.

Those are some good reasons. What are yours?

And finally,

  1. Don’t forget that by forgetting the old and focusing on the new you will BEAR MUCH NEW FRUIT!

This is why you want to forget the past and focus on what God is doing in the present.

God’s entire purpose for your life is to be fruitful. Jesus said there are four levels of fruitfulness:

No fruit – Fruit – More fruit – Much fruit!

Jesus also said,

“You should produce much fruit and show that you are my followers, which brings glory to my Father.” John 15:8 NCV

I know you want to bear much fruit in your life – your marriage, family, ministry, church, career, friendships, character… and forgetting the past and focusing on what God is doing is the key.


Another thing not to forget!

Our missions team leaves tomorrow night to bear MUCH FRUIT in India as they spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard His name!

We agreed to fast tomorrow, Wednesday, for their trip. (If you weren’t in church on Sunday we agreed for you :-)) If you would like their prayer calendar for the trip so you can know what to pray for every day send an email to info@gatheringplacechurch.org DO NOT POST ONLINE AS IT WILL BE UNSAFE FOR THEM TO DO SO!!!

Please fast a meal or two tomorrow, or the entire day, for their protection, provision, and power to proclaim the gospel. Their goals:

  • 1000 people to hear a personal presentation of the gospel
  • 700 to be saved
  • 56 new churches established
  • 56 leaders trained to lead the new churches.


I hope to see you this coming Sunday for the opening of our new series, “By the Power of His Spirit!”