This was the admonition Mark Cowper-Smith gave to us in his excellent message here last Sunday about how to be a peacemaker amid the turmoil in our nation right now.

This weekend you will be spending time with family and friends that you don’t see every day, some who are on the other side of the political, racial divide.

And one thing we have learned is that trying to get the “other side” to understand your point of view isn’t working. Especially when it includes insults and partial truths. So, Mark suggested that we do what God does with us – listen.

Just listen.

God is the best listener in the universe and He listens to you all the time!

Psychologists say that people cannot tell the difference between being loved and being listened to because they feel the exact same.

It is important that we, the Church, be the healing agent in our society, which is God’s purpose for us.

“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.” Matthew 5:9

So, this week, when someone goes off regarding the candidate you voted for, or the issues you support, just listen. Then ask, “I truly want to understand your point of view. Why does this issue mean so much to you?”

Then use SELF-CONTROL which, by the way, is a fruit of the Spirit – and listen. Then, and this is the hard part, don’t offer your opinion unless you are asked!

Tough assignment? Yes. Supernatural actually. But if we want peace, healing, and unity in our country, it has to begin with somebody – and it should be you and me, the Church.



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