It seems that whenever I take an extended break, which I just came off of this week, Jesus gives me a fresh word. Does that happen to you? I think it might be because when we relax long enough He is able to speak deeply into our hearts.


Well, it happened to me again during this break. I was simply enjoying the Word one morning and a phrase leapt out at me from 1 Kings chapter 18. (No, I’m not going to share it with you here, but you might want to read that chapter before Sunday!)


At first I thought it was just for me. You know how that is, right? But as I casually shared it with a few people individually, it took me by surprise at how profoundly it impacted them. That’s when I realized that God did not give this word just for me, but for you too!


I am REALLY looking forward to sharing it with you this coming Sunday! If you are out of town, or if you don’t go to GPC, catch it online!( Click HERE after Sunday’s service to listen.)


Also, if you are in town, join me tomorrow night for Friday in the Park at Silverset Park in Poway. Click HERE for directions. Bring something to eat, bring the kids, bring your pet, enjoy a walk around the park, or join in on our weekly volleyball game.


I look forward to seeing you at the park if you can make it and definitely this Sunday!


Heaven on Earth!