John Ettore – Radio Interview

Check out this 15 minute radio interview about how God called pastor John into the ministry and how He is using GPC to touch our world.

Testimony from Lisa

Hello Pastor John, I really wish I could be here today to talk about what happened on Sunday, October 1st. I've been to The Gathering Place several times over the years with my brother Mike and his family, and since last March my daughter has been coming too. This particular day was very special to me, [...]

11-26-17 Sunday Message by Kiersten Clegg

11-26-17 Sunday Message by Kiersten Clegg on John 15!  

Happy Thanksgiving

Join GPC Sunday November 26@10am for a powerful time of worship, prayer, fellowship and teaching from the Bible. Invite your friends and family, you will be very glad you did.    

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Financial Peace University

The Smarter Way to Manage Your Money  Pay off your debt It’s no fun living paycheck to paycheck. Enjoy your money without owing it to someone else.  Save for the future Get proactive! Build an emergency fund and invest with confidence.  Make a great team Create a helpful budget that works for you AND your [...]

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Your Midweek Lift For November 5, 2017

Enjoy your midweek lift from John chapter 12:  

Don’t Give Up!

Enjoy your midweek lift from Pastor John entitled: Don't Give Up!  

Physical Healing Testimonies

Healing from Chronic Fatigue Testimony by Alicia Ragsdale: So, most don't know this, but for several years, I've had this chronic fatigue issue. I've had to go to the doc for shots of testosterone and b12. My levels get so low sometimes that when they do blood work, they can't even chart my levels. After [...]

30 For 30 Day 13

Today's 30 for 30 is titled, Why God Loves The Bible:  

30 for 30 – Day 1

Check out 30 for 30 - Day 1 Video encouragement

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What Language Do You Speak?

Connecting with others in a meaningful way, or should I say, in a way that is meaningful to them, is the key to enjoying your relationships. So, how do you do this? By being OTHERS-CENTERED! The way I like to say it is with the acrostic J.O.Y. Jesus first. Others second. You third. This is [...]

By the Power of the Holy Spirit

The testimonies from the Holy Spirit Workshop are just wonderful. One person shared: I just wanted to thank you guys for putting last night together. I feel so refreshed, recharged, awakened, excited, filled... you name it! You really don't know just HOW EMPTY your tank WAS until it starts to get filled again. That was [...]

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2017 Word and Prayer Plan

15 minutes in the Word 15 minutes in prayer  If you will spend 15 minutes each day in the Bible and 15 minutes in prayer your life will be revolutionized! The Word Did you know the Bible is alive? It isn’t an archaic book written by the inspiration of man, but rather, it is the [...]