Don’t Give Up!

Enjoy your midweek lift from Pastor John entitled: Don't Give Up!  

30 For 30 Day 29

Prayer and Praise Night! TONIGHT - Join us for the culmination of 30 days of praying and reading the Bible or 30 minutes each day.  We will gather upstairs at New Hope Church 10330 Carmel Mtn Rd, SD 92128 from 6:00 – 8:00pm.   Please register for childcare for ages 1-7 online or at – [...]

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30 For 30 Day 28

Today's Encouraging Word: "What Is Speaking In Other Tongues?"  

30 For 30 Day 27

Today's Encouraging Word is: "Spirit-Powered Praying."  Enjoy!  

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30 For 30 Day 26

Enjoy Today's Encouraging Word Entitled: Redundant is Great! Enjoy Today's Encouraging Word Entitled: Redundant is Great!

Your Midweek Lift – 10-8-17 message by John Ettore

Enjoy your midweek lift by Pastor John.  Part 18 of our series on the book of John.

30 For 30 Day 25

Enjoy Today's Encouraging 30 for 30 entitled: God Knows You!  

Physical Healing Testimonies

Healing from Chronic Fatigue Testimony by Alicia Ragsdale: So, most don't know this, but for several years, I've had this chronic fatigue issue. I've had to go to the doc for shots of testosterone and b12. My levels get so low sometimes that when they do blood work, they can't even chart my levels. After [...]

30 For 30 Day 24

Enjoy today's encouraging word entitled: "Shame Free Praying."  

30 For 30 Day 23

30 For 30 Day 21

Enjoy today's encouraging word entitled, "God Can Handle It All."  

30 For 30 Day 20

Today's encouraging word is titled: "Shut The Door On The Devil!"  

30 For 30 Day 19

Enjoy today's encouraging word on "How To Bring Healing To Our World."