The Smarter Way to Manage Your Money

  •  Pay off your debt

    It’s no fun living paycheck to paycheck. Enjoy your money without owing it to someone else.

  •  Save for the future

    Get proactive! Build an emergency fund and invest with confidence.

  •  Make a great team

    Create a helpful budget that works for you AND your spouse. Learn to plan, save and grow together.


Join experienced facilitator Phil Williams for this award winning, effective class.

phil williams

Phil Williams gave his life to the Lord at the Gathering Place church in 2006 and has been attending ever since. He worked in one of the largest new car dealerships in San Diego for 4 years in the area of finance. In 2007, he started his own business but was hit hard in the 2008 recession. During this time the Lord showed him how to deal with his limited finances which included the principles taught in Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. Today, he is still in business and is very grateful for Gods many provisions.


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