???????????????????????????????What I Do For GPC: Friend & cheerleader; support, encourage & identify leaders

What I Do For Fun: Genealogy & family history; watch football; hang out with friends; fish

What Makes Me Laugh: The silliest of things!

What Makes Me Cry: Division; unreconciled relationships; losing a pet

In A Previous Life (before GPC): Served in several churches, led prayer journeys to various nations, led lay pastors and a discipleship ministry; did a stint as an interim senior pastor; survived a 13 year wilderness.

Best Advice I Ever Received: Put yourself aside and help others get ahead (Phil 2:3 Msg)

Things I Care About: Seeing people become all they were meant to be; living in fullness; the Body becoming one and reflecting the Lord well.

Family Matters: Adopted at four days; searched for and found birth family; not married (anticipate a senior citizen wedding though!); a content single person with two cats.

My Secret Talent: This really should remain a secret! You’re welcome.

My Favorite Cartoon Character and Why: Not a character, but a series: Fractured Fairy Tales. Love things that are witty and slightly warped.

Grew Up Where: Bainbridge Island, Washington – most beautiful place to grow up!

Favorite Movies: My Fair Lady; Something the Lord Made

Food I Can’t Live Without: Chips & Salsa; Fresh bread & butter

What Made Me Want To Follow Jesus: I heard the gospel at age 10. It made perfect sense. Since then, He continues to win my heart.

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