The testimonies from the Holy Spirit Workshop are just wonderful.

One person shared:

I just wanted to thank you guys for putting last night together. I feel so refreshed, recharged, awakened, excited, filled… you name it! You really don’t know just HOW EMPTY your tank WAS until it starts to get filled again. That was me. Also, I feel like there has been areas of my heart that have been reawakened. Areas that, in the past, I have unintentionally put up walls due to disappointments.

I can totally see how the Holy Spirit has been gently nudging me “awake” again and addressing those areas of my heart that I just didn’t want to let feel disappointed again. He’s been doing this through the messages these past several weeks, the class, listening to stories that have been upping my faith level, and through the genuine and authentic people and as well as the leadership that we have here at GPC.

If you were not able to attend but are interested in future workshops please email us right away.

  • Would you like to increase your ability to discern God’s voice and learn to prophesy so others can be supernaturally encouraged?
  • Or how about learning to pray for the sick so Jesus can use you to bring supernatural healing into people’s lives?
  • Or even if you just want more of God’s power in your own life?

Catch the sermon series starting here. At GPC. we don’t just teach about the Holy Spirit, we want YOU to EXPERIENCE the power of the Holy Spirit and to be able to share it with others!