In our last post we looked at overcoming the first roadblock to asking God for big things – disappointment. You can read that post HERE

Today we are going to take on roadblock #2:


If you are ungrateful for what God has already done for you and are asking for greater blessings, then that is a serious problem. But, if you are truly living a grateful life, and you are asking Him to do BIGGER things, so you can experience more of His healing, provision, protection, deliverance, wisdom, power, love, Presence… this is not being ungrateful. That is being humble.

What you are saying is, “God, I CANNOT do this on my own. I CANNOT produce what needs to be produced to be all you’ve called me to be and all you’ve called me to do. So, I am calling on YOU to protect, provide, empower, prosper, and propel me forward in your purpose for my life.

(Now, if your purpose is to consume it all on yourself, that is also a huge problem. We will cover this in our next post.)

The truth is, God WANTS you to ask because His kingdom is HUGE, and He wants to SHARE it with you.

Look at this amazing verse:

“He who did not spare His own Son for us, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?” Romans 8:32
This is God’s will for you. This is God’s heart towards you.

Think about it. If you left a will for your kids, and they decided it would be ungrateful to benefit from it, how would that make you feel? Believe it or not, it actually honors God when you ask for His kingdom to be released into your life! That’s what Jesus died for! And the more the better!

When Jesus took care of the sin problem for us, He was giving us an invitation and access to His Father’s kingdom. And the Bible says that it makes God very happy to share all He has with us.

“So, don’t be afraid, little flock. For it gives your Father great happiness to give you the Kingdom.” Luke 12:32 NLT
Just like any good father, God wants to provide for His own kids. And He wants to provide to such a degree that people will have to say, “That’s God!”

God has called you to live beyond yourself, to serve the world in a way that supersedes your own wisdom, strength, power, wealth, and ingenuity, which is why the first thing He did after He created Adam and Eve was to BLESS them and give them a divine assignment. And, with Satan bent on destroying them, they needed all of God’s help they could get. And, so do you!

Be grateful. Be humble. And ASK BIG!

Q. What are you asking God for that is beyond yourself, that only He can do?


P.S. For those who are local – it is SO AWESOME seeing so many people coming for pre-service prayer. If you haven’t come yet please join us this Sunday at 9:30 as we ask God to pour out His Spirit on our gathering. It will be a blessing to you and to your church!