One day Jesus was sharing that He was the Son of God with a woman who was of a different religion, race, and socioeconomic bracket. In fact, she was an “untouchable”.

When His disciples saw it, they did not understand why He would do that.

Jesus’ response:

“…lift your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!” John 4:35b

To live life with strength and strategy you must first have a vision. And as a follower of Jesus – God’s vision.

But you can’t hit what you can’t see.

Helen Keller was once asked, “What would be worse than being born blind?” She replied, “To have sight without vision.”

I believe many believers have the vision of heaven, but not what God’s vision is for them while they are on earth.

I believe this is why many believers are bored and disengaged with the church when all the time Jesus is busy building His Church.

The Bible says it this way:

“Without a vision the people perish…” Proverbs 29:18a.

Vision is what gives you purpose. It gives you strength. It is what fuels the soul.

Vison gives a reason to have a strategy.

But some of you have stopped dreaming because of the disappointment that comes when it doesn’t happen. You do not want to feel that kind of sadness ever again.

The Bible says it this way:

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick…” Proverbs 13:12

Some of you have experienced broken dreams; a marriage, relationships with your kids, a miscarriage, a failed business venture… There are so many opportunities for disappointment in this life.

However, no matter how much pain you have suffered, you can’t live without vison. There must be a dream, a vison, a hope you are reaching for. Yes, there will be disappointments, but without vision you will also not experience the exhilaration of a dream fulfilled.

Let’s look at the second half of that verse:

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes it is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12

Just because your heart grows sick due to disappointment does not mean you should throw in the towel! If you do, all you will have is disappointment. If you will continue believing, praying, adjusting your approach, learning from failure, asking God for continued strength and strategy, eventually you will experience a dream realized.

No great accomplishment comes to pass without significant setbacks. The key is resiliency, and Jesus has an eternal supply of that for you!

This is what enabled Jesus to endure the cross. By His own admission, He wanted to throw in the towel. But what kept Him going?

“Because of the joy awaiting Him, He endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now He is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne.” Hebrews 12:2b NLT

What was the joy awaiting Him? Fulfilling the Father’s will – which was making the way for you and me to come back to the Father. HALELLUJAH!

When God gives you a dream, a vision, a mission, you cannot quit because when God gives you a dream, it will never be just about you, but for the benefit those around you.

This is why Jesus told His disciples to lift their eyes. They were only interested in how the gospel would benefit them, and certainly not those outside their group. But Jesus was trying to get them to see what He was saw – people all around them that needed the hope of eternity.

One time Jesus prayed for a blind man. After He laid hands on him He asked the man what he saw. The man replied, “I see men like trees.” Jesus prayed for him again and the man’s sight was completely restored.

As you spend time with Jesus today in your 30 for 30, ask Him to lift your eyes. Ask Him to give you vision – His vision. Ask Him to lift your eyes from your own needs to the needs of those around you, especially those who need to know Him as Lord and Savior.


  1. What have you done with the disappointment of dashed dreams? Have you brought it to the Lord and allowed Him to give you fresh vision?
  2. How much of your vision, dreams, hopes, goals are only about you and this temporal life? Are you dreaming your dreams or God’s dreams?
  3. Will you ask God how you can participate in the Vision of GPC? 1000 Strong. Changing Our World One Life at a Time.
  4. What can you do today to begin dreaming God’s dreams?