“Wisdom is the most important thing; so get wisdom. If it costs everything you have, get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7 NCV

You can have all the parts to put something together, whether it is a bicycle, a business, a marriage, or a ministry, but wisdom knows how to put it together.

“Through [skillful and godly] wisdom a house [a life, a home, a family] is built, and by understanding and common sense it is established [on a sound and good foundation], and by knowledge its rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” Proverbs 24:3-4

So where do you get wisdom from? God.

“He stores up sound wisdom for the upright…” Proverbs 2:7

That’s good news, isn’t it?

Lately, I have been forgetting this. My stress level has spiked higher than it has in a long time. As I was praying about it this morning, asking the Lord why, it hit me – I am not trusting the Lord for His wisdom. I am doubting that He will give me the wisdom I need in different areas of my life.

I am not believing what James said:

If any of you lacks wisdom [to guide him through a decision or circumstance], he is to ask of [our benevolent] God, who gives to everyone generously and without rebuke or blame, and it will be given to him. But he must ask [for wisdom] in faith, without doubting [God’s willingness to help], for the one who doubts is like a billowing surge of the sea that is blown about and tossed by the wind. For such a person ought not to think or expect that he will receive anything [at all] from the Lord, being a double-minded man, unstable and restless in all his ways [in everything he thinks, feels, or decides].” James 1:5-8

That last part sounds kind of harsh, and might even cause you more stress, knowing that if you do not ask in faith you won’t receive anything from the Lord. But remember, “God gives to everyone generously and without rebuke or blame.” One translation says, “without criticizing you”.

God does not say, “Well, since you did not ask in perfect faith, I am not going to give you anything!” No. God is a giver, not a withholder. What James is saying is that as God is releasing wisdom generously and without criticizing you for needing it, doubt will short circuit the the process on the receiving end, not the giving end.

There is no way around this – you have to decide to believe that when you ask God, He will give you the wisdom you need. It might not be immediate, but many times it is. Often, when you decide to truly believe when you ask, (Mark 11:23, 24), your stress will plummet, and a divine thought will immediately enter your mind regarding a certain matter, and you will know exactly what to do. That is what faith does, it releases heaven on earth.

This just happened to me as I am writing this post. I decided to practice what I preach, so I stopped, asked the Lord what to do in a certain situation, and I chose to believe He would give me the answer, and it immediately came.

One of things that happens to someone lacking in wisdom is being indecisive. Indecision is one of the number one energy drainers in your life. The mental strain suppresses your emotions and taxes your physical body.

That is why wisdom is so important! The Bible says that all of wisdom’s paths are peace (Proverbs 3:17).

There was a time when I was completely exhausted from indecision. I did not know what was draining me at the time. I felt oppressed, depressed, confused, and sapped of strength. Then, as I was worshiping the Lord in my office one day, He spoke to my mind and said, “Your oppression is coming from indecision”. That was not even on my radar.

Packed in that one phrase was also the wisdom on what to do. In this case, it wasn’t the Lord giving me the answer, but rather reminding me of something He told me years ago:

“ Often there will be many ways to do something so just pick one.” This was one of those situations.

I was stuck (see yesterday’s post), paralyzed with the fear of making the wrong decision, of missing God, so He freed me up by giving me the freedom to choose.

I called the leadership of the church and told them that I knew the direction we should go. I immediately received one-hundred percent agreement.

As you seek the Lord in your 30 for 30 today, ask Him for wisdom, and trust that He is going to give it to you generously.

“But do people know where to find wisdom? Where can they find understanding? No one knows where to find it, for it is not found among the living. ‘It is not here,’ says the ocean. ‘Nor is it here,’ says the sea. It cannot be bought with gold. It cannot be purchased with silver. It’s worth more than all the gold of Ophir, greater than precious onyx or lapis lazuli. Wisdom is more valuable than gold and crystal. It cannot be purchased with jewels mounted in fine gold. Coral and jasper are worthless in trying to get it. The price of wisdom is far above rubies. Precious peridot from Ethiopia cannot be exchanged for it. It’s worth more than the purest gold. But do people know where to find wisdom? Where can they find understanding? It is hidden from the eyes of all humanity. Even the sharp-eyed birds in the sky cannot discover it. Destruction and Death say, ‘We’ve heard only rumors of where wisdom can be found.’ God alone understands the way to wisdom; he knows where it can be found, for he looks throughout the whole earth and sees everything under the heavens. He decided how hard the winds should blow and how much rain should fall. He made the laws for the rain and laid out a path for the lightning. Then he saw wisdom and evaluated it. He set it in place and examined it thoroughly. And this is what he says to all humanity: ‘The fear of the Lord is true wisdom; to forsake evil is real understanding.’” Job 28:12-28 NLT



  1. How does it affect you knowing that God has wisdom stored up just for you?
  2. What do you think is blocking you from receiving God’s wisdom for your life?
  3. What do you think you can do differently today to help you receive God’s wisdom?