301 – Spiritual Gifts – held at the Lexus Center after church

Join Michelle Hoyt and fellow GPC’ers to discover your spiritual gifts and your God-given potential to advance the Kingdom. The workshop will be held in the Delta Room after the church service and lunch is included. Please register below so we can order lunches. Register here 

Please take the SHAPE assessment and www.sdrock.com/giftstest prior to the class, and bring your results so we can discuss.

Your Creator has gifted you in unique and wonderful ways. He’s crafted you with particular abilities and talents. When you develop your God-given attributes and use them to serve other people in love, great things can be accomplished. But if you try to function apart from your talents, or if you attempt to use your abilities in ways God didn’t intend, you’re headed for a life filled with anxiety, frustration, and failure. If you’re going to reach your full potential in life, you must gain an awareness of what the Lord has given you. You must seek to know, develop, and then find God-approved ways to use your God-given talents. – Charles Stanley