In late July, I spent time praying one Sunday with Eric and Amor after service. We prayed for each others’ homes and jobs. I remember there was a very powerful prayer for my job to be a blessing.

The next day I received a phone call at 10AM from my company’s district manager. I was laid off with a phone call from a job I’d had for the last 17 years. I remembered that we’d prayed specifically around the area of my job being blessed, thanked God for giving me such peace through the prayer, and kept looking for that opportunity.

A few weeks later, one of my roommates died. The lease to the home I was living in at the time was in his name. I was upset and depressed, but knew that God still had a plan to work this out.

As I talked to people at church that Sunday, Agi mentioned he was looking for people to work for him and said I should come by and fill out an application during the week. I interviewed with Agi, then the company’s Vice President, and within a week had a new job. I quickly found the people there to be encouraging and helpful, which was a new work experience for me.

Through this time many people in the church prayed for me, and God certainly heard.

My other roommate started looking for a new place to live and offered that it might be easier to find something if we looked together, so we did. I did not have the recent paycheck stubs one would normally need to lease an apartment. But Jorge the complex manager worked with the information I was able to provide. We were able to move to a new apartment that’s much closer to both of our jobs before I’d even received my first paycheck from my new employer.

I have much more peace now at work than I ever did with my previous employer, and I now live in a place that’s closer to almost everything in my life.

God’s awesome!