I love how radical Jesus is. He says that most outlandish things like,

“If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” Mark 9:23

How many things did He say were possible? ALL things! And in this case it was healing from epilepsy!

Another radical, life-changing Scripture is,

“According to your faith be it unto you!” Matthew 9:29

This Scripture reveals one of the major keys that unlocks the kingdom of God – your faith!

Once you cross over from hope to faith you will begin seeing many of the things you have asked for and “declared” actually happen. (Listen HERE to last Sunday’s message on The Power of Faith-Filled Words. Or watch HERE). It becomes SO EXCITING when you finally move from hope to faith and mountains begin to move!

A lady told me recently that she has been going to church for years and years but never knew that faith and hope were two different things. That’s incredibly unfortunate!

Hope is always in the future. Faith is always in the now.

Faith goes and gets what you are hoping for!

This is what we have been seeing at GPC! I am SO excited about all the testimonies we have been hearing every Sunday! (Read them  HERE) I account these to two things:


Once we began fasting as a church and coming together at 9:30 each Sunday morning to pray for a manifestation of Jesus’ presence and power, we have been seeing a significant increase of His Divine activity. If you haven’t come yet, COME! You will find it to be very empowering and you will be contributing to the increase of God’s kingdom among us.

Please sign up for April’s fasting calendar HERE


During this three-month faith series, I have watched so many of you believe for the IMPOSSIBLE and watched the impossible HAPPEN! I am so thankful for a congregation that receives and believes! My continual prayer for our church is that God will supply the “spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him” (Ephesians 1:17) and He has been doing just that.

You can catch all the FAITH messages HERE


I would like to ask you to begin praying for my daughter, Bella, and me as we head to South Mexico in the morning. We will be there from Wednesday thru Monday. We will be preaching at the national convention of an organization called, “The World Evangelistic Crusade”. There are about one hundred churches who are filled with the Spirit and advancing the kingdom of God throughout Mexico. God called me to “father” this organization about twenty years ago and over the years He has radically changed it from being very religious and legalistic to being incredibly life-giving and full of grace! On Saturday night we will be preaching at an outdoor amphitheater in the very heart of the town. Pray that miracles will flow, and many will come to Jesus!


Lastly, please begin praying about who to invite to our Easter service, April 21st. As a congregation, we can never neglect the Great Commission. It is our primary purpose for existing as a church – to save our city!

Please do these three things:

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit who you should invite
  2. Pray for them daily
  3. Invite them to come with you to church on Easter Sunday!

Let’s use our FAITH for the Great Commission and watch God draw people from the north, south, east, and west of San Diego County!

I pray for you daily and BELIEVE with you that your mountains are moving!

Heaven on Earth,