Dear GPC Faith Family,

The results of our fast are increasing! I literally laid hands on MYSELF for a condition I’ve had for YEARS and commanded it to cease, and it was instantly healed! I have not seen these kinds of results in a very long time! Let’s keep it going! (And if you were not at last Sunday’s Testimony service, the stories will blow you away. LISTEN HERE)

One of my favorite stories from last Sunday was from brother Al. He was praying for someone else and the power of God went through him and healed him! He walked up to me, without his cane, handed it to me and said, “Do you know anyone who needs this?” AWESOME!

Don’t Stop Now!

The key to our breakthroughs is adding fasting to our asking. Why stop now?

Now, I’m sure nobody wants to do another twenty one day fast immediately, BUT, as I invited you to do in church last Sunday, if we all signed up on the GPC FASTING CALENDAR for one day in February we would be covered for a whole month. Put your name on a day that is not yet taken, (or double up if you want a specific day), and fast a meal, or two, or all day, and pray for heaven on earth! (And if you are going to fast, please post your name because it encourages others who sign up to see that others are participating!)

Pray for:

Me and my family – Protection, provision, children, marriage, vision, wisdom, courage

The leaders – wisdom, strength, unity, humility, health, FAITH

The body – FAITH, unity, the Spirit of wisdom and revelation (Ephe 1), hunger for the Word, filled with the Spirit of Truth, love

The pre-believers – their eyes to be opened to the Good News of Jesus Christ, blinders to come off! (2 Corinthians 4)

An increase of God’s Presence, power, protection, and provision

Your Big Ask!

And STAY IN THE WORD as you fast. Remember:

The Word of God is where the faith of God resides, and as you put it in you, faith will come out of you!

Please SIGN UP up and let’s watch God continue to move at GPC!

For we walk by faith, not by sight!