About John

John Ettore has been a pastor for over 25 years. He is the founding pastor of The Gathering Place Church in San Diego, California, and he helps lead a network of local pastors who serve San Diego together. John and His wife, Hope live in Ramona, California and have six children.

Testimony of Promotion & Raise

It's hard to be brief about all that God has done.  In October I turned down an opportunity to take another job (within my company) in lieu of a possible promotion to an inside sales role and training of new employees.  Shortly after that I was asked to do something completely different that didn't align [...]

Why Hoping and Praying Doesn’t Work

One of the most life-changing Scriptures in the entire Bible is, “According to your faith, be in done unto you.” Matthew 9:29 Notice that it didn’t say, “According to your HOPE be it done unto you…” There is a reason for that. Faith and hope are two completely different things. Did you know that? I [...]

Amazing Stories/Fasting Calendar

Dear GPC Faith Family, The results of our fast are increasing! I literally laid hands on MYSELF for a condition I’ve had for YEARS and commanded it to cease, and it was instantly healed! I have not seen these kinds of results in a very long time! Let’s keep it going! (And if you were [...]

How to Get More Mountain Moving Faith!

We are in a faith series right now at GPC and we are seeing some amazing stuff happen. LISTEN TO THE OPENING MESSAGE HERE  / WATCH HERE But for some, the topic of faith adds stress. This comes from the pressure of feeling responsible to manufacture more faith. But that is not how faith comes. It is [...]

1-20-2019 – Sunday GPC – Faith Part 3 – Pastor John Ettore

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1-13-2019 – Sunday GPC – Faith Part 2 – Pastor John Ettore

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The Big Ask!

What is too big for God? What is going on in your life right now that is stressing you out and that you don’t think will ever change? Or what desire do you have that you don’t think will ever happen? Is it the salvation of a loved one, or a successful career change, or [...]

Community Care and Prayer

Reaching out in our community. Community Care and Prayer is a group of churches and community volunteers working together to meet practical needs for people in our community.  As the volunteers assemble and provide  groceries to  families in need we aim to build community and support for everyone involved.  We offer an ear to listen, [...]

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Fear is a tormentor. It distorts our personalities, causes us to behave irrationally, robs us of opportunities and things we hold dear in this life, and even affects our physical bodies. Nobody wants fear in their life...but we all have some. What are some of your greatest fears right now? How are these fears affecting [...]

1-6-19 – Sunday GPC – Faith part 1 – Pastor John Ettore

February Sermon Series – Faith

February Teaching Series – FAITH – Faith is rising at GPC! We have been hearing some awesome God-stories as a result of our faith series, so Let us know if you would like to receive periodic emails from John as well as his blog posts.we are going to continue it through the month of February. Faith is [...]

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3 Roadblocks to Asking Big Pt. 3

Today we are going to look at the third, and final, roadblock to Asking Big! (You can catch Pt. 1 HERE and Pt. 2 HERE). Roadblock #3 – It’s SelfishCertainly, if your sole motivation for asking God for big things is to consume it all on yourself, then that is selfish, and that is not God. James brings this [...]

3 Roadblocks to Asking Big Pt. 2

In our last post we looked at overcoming the first roadblock to asking God for big things – disappointment. You can read that post HERE Today we are going to take on roadblock #2: It’s UNGRATEFUL If you are ungrateful for what God has already done for you and are asking for greater blessings, then that [...]

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