“Where’s My ID?” (9/15/19)

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Good morning Pastor John, Once again I am writing you because my dad tells me too lol. Listen to this amazing testimony. Kinda long lol My dad was in his office doing taxes and he called me in there. I went in and he just looked at me and said I know your not tithing [...]


Hi Pastor John, I know you are a man of INCREDIBLE faith and I have felt like your story in business is very similar to what God has told me He would do through mine. My current situation is this....I was laid off over a month ago. I will be able to get unemployment, but [...]

Don’t Let the Devil Define You (9/8/19)

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IDENTITY THEFT – Don’t Let the Devil Define You!

The human race is suffering deeply from an identity crisis. Because we chose to disconnect from God in the Garden of Eden we have lost who we are. This is where all racism, sexism, violence, hatred, wars, pain and suffering, inferiority, insecurities, and even all religions come from. BUT, because of His goodness, God began [...]

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Five Antidotes for Envy (9-1-19)

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Testimony – That Can Be Your Promise Too

On April 7th we heard a few testimonies of God working and responding in peoples lives. I honestly couldn't tell you about any except one from Jesse Miller. He talked about his position in used car sales and how God spoke to him about focusing on the new cars and the used cars would move. [...]

Dear Moms: We love you! You are courageous, strong, caring, and tremendously sacrificial – all for the sake of others. You reflect God’s love to us all. We would like to invite you to join us this Sunday at GPC for a powerful Mother's Day message by Hope Ettore, our pastor's wife. You will also [...]

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Friday Night at Starridge Park

GPC Friday Night Meet at the Park - June 7-August 23 Meeting at Starridge Park - click the address for link to mapquest - 13745 Carriage Rd, Poway, CA 92064 from 5:30- dusk Friday nights have been a highlight for many families. The volleyball game is great to watch or participate in. Bring the family, [...]

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What a Friend!

Last Sunday I shared a message about the depth of friendship Jesus showed you when He went to the cross. If you haven’t heard that message, “What a Friend”, I encourage you, on this Good Friday, to listen HERE before this Sunday for two reasons: To deepen your love for Jesus. God’s love is an [...]

One Thing

I love Easter season - the cheerful, bright colors, the great brunch my wife makes (oh, man, you have no idea), our dynamic church services, and, of course, the excitement of those who come to Christ for the first time! But these are not the things that move me the most. The primary reason I [...]

We’d love to hear your testimony

The Power of  Testimony Testimonies have incredible power because they carry within them the seeds of faith it took to bring them to pass the first time. In fact, the word, “testimony” means “to do again!” What this means is that when you hear or read a testimony, many times the same faith that produced [...]

New job

It’s no real secret that I haven’t been happy with my work situation for a while.  I started actively looking for a new job the last few months of 2018.  I had a few hits but nothing really materialized.  I ended up being laid off from my job mid January.  The week leading up to [...]