In my business, the latter part of the year has always been a challenge statistically. The bulk of the business is made between Feb thru Sept.

The year 2018 was a challenge as a whole and by the time Oct came we have been on the edge of our seat waiting on God to move. In Dec, my business partner and I had another strategy meeting (one of too many lately) which always ends up with him and I taking a pay cut, and that is no fun.

January came with great expectation, new year, new budget, and the church fast.

Our sales started off with a bang and did not let up thru mid January. I was buying cars like there was no tomorrow just to catch up with the sales.

The second half of the month did even better all the way till the last week of the month which was only 4 days long Mon thru Thurs with no weekends – we sold 10 cars.  At the end of the month, we not only had the best January in gross sales ever but also the 2nd best month in sales since we opened.  And that is only January.

I can’t wait for what the father has planned the rest of the year.

In addition, this morning I was at the auction and someone told me that a really big Chevrolet dealership had the worst January they’ve ever had since they opened. Bottom line the consensus is that January was a bad month. LOL