In 2007, Ali and I and our two young sons moved to Santa Barbara for me to be the founding athletic director at a start up Christian high school.  After 8 years and many, many changes at the school, it was time to move on.

The Lord blessed me with a great stop-gap job at Westmont College.  Financially it was a struggle, but I really appreciated the love I experienced at the college.  After a year I was hired at a school here in San Diego as athletic director.  It was going to be Asher’s senior year in high school and we didn’t want to uproot him.  So Ali stayed with Asher in Santa Barbara, and Judah and I moved to San Diego.  We started to fall further and further behind financially paying two rents, but it was just a year right?

Unfortunately the job at the school became part-time, and I took a series of other part-time jobs to try to cover the bills, but the hole kept getting deeper.

In September I got hired full-time at the Salvation Army Kroc Center as the Sports and Recreation Manager.  I get to share my love of sports with sharing the Gospel.

There are very good benefits (at my age important!), and the pay is enough to not make that hole any bigger.  Great testimony, right? But it gets better!

Just this morning Ali was offered a promotion and a very nice pay raise.  This has been on the table for months, and there was no guarantee, but we kept praying!  We can now earnestly start paying off debt and save for the future.  Thank you God!  Praise Jesus!