Carolynne GPC

What I Do For Fun: Reading and cooking.

What Makes Me Laugh: My husband, Koby.

What Makes Me Cry: Commercials! Also, anything having to do with animals.

In A Previous Life (before GPC): I went to my dream school, SDSU and have always believed in being active in serving the community. I have been working with kids, ever since I wasn’t one!

Best Advice I Ever Received: “There is no losing; you either win or you learn.”

Things I Care About: The Kingdom, people, animals, the environment.

Family Matters: I have two of the best dogs on the planet; I believe dogs are family too! I get the privilege of marrying my best friend 01/03/2020.

My Secret Talent: I absolutely love to bake. I can make something out of the weirdest ingredients in my pantry.

My Favorite Cartoon Character and Why: Minnie Mouse; so cute and sweet!

Grew Up Where: Sacramento, California.

Favorite Movies: The Lion King.

Food I Can’t Live Without: Probably chocolate.

Favorite Books: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Favorite Music/Bands: I honestly can’t decide, but wherever I am, music is always playing.

What Made Me Want To Follow Jesus: When I felt His love and presence at age 5; it was so real and made me want to dedicate my life to Him.

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