Christian Church serving Carmel Mtn Ranch

Christian Church serving Carmel Mtn Ranch

We are a Christian Church Serving Carmel Mtn Ranch. We hear reports all the time about people looking for non denominational churches in San Diego. People are looking for a place to connect with God and learn more about His love. They don’t want to hear about an angry God who only cares about their behavior and their failings. They have a longing to know God but don’t want to be burdened by a whole list of do’s and don’ts. They instinctively know there is something more for them and their families.

The Gathering Place Church is a perfect place to come and learn about God’s love. To experience His love through:  music and singing, the teaching from the Bible, the fellowship before and after and throughout the week in the weekly connect groups. It has a true non denominational feel throughout all the activities because the leaders are all from a variety of different church backgrounds and traditions. It is a great blend.

you can see how close Carmel Mtn Ranch is to Rancho Penasquitos. We have several members at Gathering Place Church from Carmel Mtn Ranch. It is also a very favorite site our members visit after church as several to the many restaurants. Chick Filet is a popular spot as well as the Hamburger Factory, Olive Garden and California Pizza. Wow, I am getting hungry just thinking about them!

Costco Wholesale is the main anchor here; however, there are other, smaller stores, such as eateries and a bank too. Home Depot is popular as well as several outlets such as Sears, Petco, Office Depot and best Buy. It is a shoppers haven!

Here is another great spot in CMR – Carmel Mountain Ranch Town Center

From cash to cappuccino, pet care to pedicures, groceries to gas, dry cleaning to pool cleaning, a super cut to a satisfying spa, a Trader’s treat to 13 terrific places to eat, Carmel Mountain Ranch Town Center has it.

You can package and mail it here. Fill your prescriptions here. Insure it here. Lose weight, plan a vacation, shop for fashion, get some bling and eat your way through at least eight countries here.

With more than 40 stores and services in one center, imagine how much there is here to make your life easier, better and tastier, too.

Drop by Carmel Mountain Ranch Town Center soon. We’ve got plenty of great reasons to be your favorite shopping center in the Carmel Mountain Ranch area with Trader Joe’s, Ralph’s Grocery Store, Rite-Aid and more than 40 shops, restaurants and services.

And we’re so easy to get to! Just east of I-15 at Carmel Mountain Road and Highland Ranch Road.