I shared this great testimony from Chris Jordan last Sunday. Enjoy.

Dream about new church location

I started going to the Gathering Place around 2004 when we were at Shoal Creek.  It was a bit too charismatic for my ex-wife, so we started checking out other churches, even going to the Mormon church a few times.  Long story short, we didn’t go to any church regularly and jumped around for quite some time. I don’t recall the exact timing but one night I had a dream that I went to a church and when I walked into the church, I saw several people from the Gathering Place such as John, Cris Sheridan, Chris Puplava, etc. but the church looked very different than the Gathering Place that I remembered.  I remember seeing a big stage with a big screen and red chairs in an auditorium.  I remember thinking I need to get back to the Gathering Place.  I found out that the church had moved to Mt Carmel and didn’t really think anything of it until I walked in for the first time and saw the exact image from my dream with how the stage was set up and the chairs etc.  That was confirmation for me that the Gathering Place church was where God wanted me to be.

Hugged by God

Shortly after separating from my ex-wife I was attending the Gathering Place Church.  I remember having a lot of anxiety, all sorts of emotion, and feeling like such a failure.  During worship, I was standing and worshiping by myself with my eyes closed and feeling very overwhelmed about my situation and then all of a sudden, I felt like someone was hugging me and kind of holding me (I am a pretty big guy so to be hugged and held in this way would take someone pretty big and strong).  I remember the stress and anxiety just draining away and having a feeling of peace like everything was going to be ok.  I opened my eyes and there was nobody there.  This hug by God was exactly what I needed in the situation.

Gifts of the Spirit

Over the last month or so in my alone time with God I had been feeling drawn to the gift of healing.  I kept getting a message that was something like, “you will know My people by how they cast out demons and heal the sick.”  I felt that as a child of God, I should be casting out demons and healing the sick.  A few weeks ago, Mark was preaching on the Gifts of the Spirit and asked people to stand if they wanted more.  I stood up and while Mark was leading us in prayer, I started feeling electricity flowing and pulsing through my body.  (It reminded me of the feeling when you accidentally touch the side of a socket or switch where the wires connect when the power is still turned on.)  Mark asked us if we were feeling anything happening and I raised my hand.  He then asked us to ask God what gift he was stirring up and I got “Healing”.  He asked that anyone that heard healing to come to the front and pray over the group of people that needed healing, so I did.  I don’t know if anyone got healed there and I haven’t laid hands on anyone outside my family since then to test it out much.  I am looking forward to continuing growing into this gift and casting out demons and healing the sick.