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drops of loveHuge thanks to all your generous contributions to Drops of Love.

Imagine being able to provide for your family and several children who have been orphaned? That is what happens when we give to Drops of Love and Provision of Hope. Over the last 10 years we have helped people get out of the refugee camp in Monrovia back to their homes in Liberia. And each family we have helped has taken orphaned children in as their own. 100% of all donations go towards providing seed and chickens to raise for food and micro loans to help them be self sustaining. A little goes a long way!

Drops of Love has beautiful cards and gifts for the people in your life you want to show your love to. For secret sisters, we have both hand made and store bought cards, have lovely gift bags with candles, devotional books, make up bags and other lovely things women love.

Shell has these items with her after church, so feel free to connect, take a look and make a donation towards this very fruitful ministry.

drops of love

Visit provisionofhope.org for more stories.liberia

Provision of Hope in Liberia helps widows and orphans in a number of ways:

  1. Transportation from the refugee camp in Monrovia back to their home in Liberia (only $59 for a bus trip but they can’t earn it) **Each adult that gets to come back bring a few orphans with them to care for them. They are called Hope homes
  2.    Micro loan for a self-sustaining business like baking cakes, selling shoes or even training to be a pharmacist. The people pay back the loans so others can start.
  3. Education – K- university
  4. Leadership training – they train the older ones in ministry of caring for others

Any time you get drops of love cards, jewelry or gift bag – 100% goes to supporting these people.

Many are strong believers and they pray for us. They are also zealous evangelists.

Together, we are making a huge difference.