Mother and Son’s Faith Renewed

Testimony from GPC Attender
Go ahead, step out of the boat! Last fall at Pastor John’s urging, but with a bit of reservation, I attended the “Father’s Heart Conference.” My big step (or risk) was attending – but, I did my part, and God in His faithfulness met me. In my eyes there was great risk in becoming vulnerable, but now I see there were also great rewards. Not only did I reap the benefit of God’s “emotional surgery,” but I connected with some amazing women.

I’ve always known that the promise verses I keep printed in front of my face daily are true, but somehow they have moved through the barrier from my head to my heart. There has always been hope, but it was at arm’s length–just out of reach. Now, I feel the hope again. The result is I realize I don’t have to walk in my own strength. God is in control and He has a good plan for my life. I can truly lean on Him and my new GPC family. So, yes, I will continue to step out of the boat in expectation of God’s continued healing.

The Ripple Effect

After spending time with my son following the conference, he noticed my increased level of faith and peace. He asked what was different and I told him about the conference. Despite the fact that he was completely turned off to churches and pastors from past experiences, he asked to meet with Pastor John saying he couldn’t deny God’s healing power was real. They met. God moved. Now my son is telling his friends about his own power encounter.