Financial Breakthrough with Confirming Vision

Testimony from David L
Jeanette, Justin, and I have been praying for a financial breakthrough for a long time and it has finally come to pass. I had a recent promotion at work and wanted to share what God has done in our lives. Along with a promotion and title change, I also received a significant raise. Four months before we went up for prayer and Kathy Mancini had a vision for us on December 30, 2012. She saw a big gift from God that we’d be receiving in 2013. Kathy didn’t know what it was, but it was so big that it was going to blow us away. Also, it wasn’t just one gift. When we opened the box, there was another box inside. When we opened that box, there was another box inside and it just kept going. We know that God is not done with His plans for us, so we will continue to press in. Thank you for your leadership during this time.

Order of Events so far:

  • I first signed my revised 2013 Commission Schedule early in April which doubled part of my commission for a specific Channel that I managed.
  • I was given the retroactive commission amount for the months of January-March prior to signing the updated Commission Schedule.
  • A couple of weeks later in April I was promoted with a new title and increase in base pay.

[David and Jeanette have attended Gathering Place Church, a non denominational Christian church in North County San Diego, since 2006 and have faithfully served as volunteers in various roles and functions.]