Hi Pastor John,

I will try to keep this short and to the point.  I wanted to share some of God’s goodness in my life this past year.

Diagnosed with breast cancer late August of 2018. Cancer was not found in my lymph nodes, only wound up being contained in my milk ducts in my right breast.  Opted for the double mastectomy, opted out of chemo, and sailed through 3 major surgeries without any pain. Cancer free check up this year 2019.

2019 I had a lump under each armpit, with shooting pain, which is not a good sign when you’ve had cancer.  I cried out to God in my garage where the kids couldn’t see me break down, asking Him to heal me.

I told God I know He didn’t bring me this far to drop me off.  I am still raising two children under 18, whose fathers are both dying due to drugs and excessive alcoholism. I only talked to one of my friends who works in the Medical field and she calmed me down and told me to call Kaiser.

Kaiser got me in within 2 days.  By the time I went to see my oncologist  the lump was completely gone under my left arm and the lump under my right arm had shrunk, all pain was gone.  My oncologist didn’t have an explanation, she wasn’t sure what could have caused it.  I am still cancer free by God’s mercies and grace.

Why He heals some people immediately and allows others to go through trials I do not know and won’t know until I get to heaven.  I just had my 4th procedure (nipple reconstruction) and sailed through that also, without any pain.


Shauna Wright