Hi John, for many years I’ve struggled as a father and especially in having patience for my son.

A few weeks back I confessed to the men’s group how constantly frustrated I’ve been and how unhealthy it had become for our entire family. One of the men, Matt Casey, told me that I need to have grace because of course God shows his grace to us every day and we must do the same for others.

That night I went home and told my wife that I am going to dedicate myself to showing God’s grace because, as you taught on Christmas Sunday, God’s grace brings peace on earth, in our homes, where we work, and everywhere we go.

So for our 2020 New Years resolution I am calling it a “grace period” which in faith I hope to look back and say 2020 was the beginning of “Grace!” (no longer just a period but now an exclamation mark).

In the last few weeks God’s grace has been poured out on our family—through me especially—and all I can say is Praise God for his faithfulness and love towards us who are weak and see our need for him and for our brothers and sisters in Christ who pray for us and speak truth and love into our lives.