Healing from Chronic Fatigue

Testimony by Alicia Ragsdale:

So, most don’t know this, but for several years, I’ve had this chronic fatigue issue. I’ve had to go to the doc for shots of testosterone and b12. My levels get so low sometimes that when they do blood work, they can’t even chart my levels. After a series of shots, I’m good for a while, then I end up right back where I was. I can hardly function. Most days I pray, “Please, God, help me get through this day.” By about two o’clock, I’m hardly functioning. It’s not like tired mom. I get that. This is a real fatigue that hits in the afternoon and my body has no energy. The smallest things are difficult for me to do. I say no to a lot of evening family stuff cuz I usually just don’t have the energy. It’s been a hardship on my family. I have asked God repeatedly to heal me. Until then, just help me day by day. Well, last week, during worship, the worship pastor announced that he felt God was healing someone with chronic fatigue! Katie looked right at me. I smiled. I was like, “Could this be me?” Well, praise the LORD! It was me!!!! I have been so full of energy this week. Not like coffee energy, like normal life energy! I feel great! I feel normal! I have been healed!!!!

Healing from Cancer:

Testimony by Ron Farnsworth

One of the “men in blue” (inmates) at Donovan shared with us today that when he was a Muslim and was being treated for cancer the Christian inmates would often say “can we pray for you” and his response would be something like I don’t want anything to do with your Jesus.

Well, God got through to him and healed him of the cancer.  Now he is one of the really faithful Christian men in yard C. God is so amazing.  I’m looking forward to all that God has before us.

I’m so glad to be part of The Gathering Place Church.
Sincerely, Ron

Ron works with the Kairos prison ministry.

Man’s Back Pain Healed as Leg Grew

Testimony from Les Meredith:
On Tuesday I went to a house church in Del Cerro, where 15-18 people gathered to worship God. Most were poor and sick and many were out of work. But they wanted more of God and it was cool to be in that atmosphere with them. One man limped in. His heel had not able to touch the ground for a long time due to a shattered hip and leg. Brian was covered with tattoos and smelled of cigarettes. I felt like God wanted me to pray for him. I also felt an impression that he “hears voices”.

Brian had been in the hospital recently, but his only prayer request was for mending ties with his family.  I asked him if he wanted to quit smoking, but he said, “not really.”  I asked him if he would quit, if God would take away the hunger for nicotine and that he would not miss it at all. He agreed if God could do that, then Brian was all for it.  I asked if he hears voices, and he dropped his head and said that he did and wanted them to go away. I told Brian to have faith that God was going to help him.

As I prayed for Brian with another man, he could feel a change in his body. The pain in his back subsided and a warmth came over his leg.  When we were done praying, Brian stood up and his heel could reach the floor for the first time in years. I asked him to lean over and touch his toes and he reached down to the ankles. Over the next 45 minutes he was walking 95% normally, blessing and praising God.

I have no power to heal or perform miracles–only whatever God will bring when I step out in faith for His purposes.  He will do that for you too. As we step out to tell others about Jesus or pray for healing, He gives us the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish His great promises in His way.

Healing from TB:

Testimony from Megumi Birkley:
After getting a TB (Tuberculosis) skin test in order to volunteer at my son’s kindergarten class, I found out that the result was positive. The first question my Dr. asked was if I was born in Philippines or China since TB is very common in those countries. I mentioned to my Dr. about my first mission trip to the Philippines in January 2010. She suspected that I was infected by the TB virus while I was in the Philippines. I remember getting sick after the mission trip and it took a few weeks to get better. I was having hard time singing while serving on the worship team for a few months. She checked my X-ray and she diagnosed me as type 1 TB which means I carry TB virus in my body, My lungs were not infected so I needn’t worry about spreading TB to others. At the same time, she wanted to prevent the virus from further developing so she prescribed TB medication.

I had strong side effects after 2 weeks of taking the medication, so she gave me another one.  The second medication seemed to work at first, but my body started rejecting the medication and I had shortness of breathing and kidney pain. My doctor needed a second opinion and referred me to a specialist.

Around the same time I was referred, I went up and received prayer from the prayer team and the pastor during church and also received prayer from other brothers and sisters at church. I definitely felt not only warmth and something changing in my lungs, but I felt a heaviness that left me after the prayer.  When I first saw the specialist, I told him how I had chest pain for 3 nights in a row and went in to the ER several times after coming back from the Philippines. I also told him I had had a BCG shot, which prevents the TB virus for young children in Japan.

The first thing the doctor told me was to stop taking the TB medication. He wanted to have a further blood test for TB.  The results were NEGATIVE!  I was healed from TB! I can say that once I was positive, but now I am negative!  Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and goodness!!!!

[Megumi and her military family attended Gathering Place Church, a non denominational Christian church in North County San Diego, for only a year and were stationed elsewhere.]

Man in Wheelchair Walks Without Pain

Testimony from Les Meredith:

Dawnette and I went to Community Food and Prayer at The Connection Church in Poway. We have some wonderful healing reports. The first person we prayed for was a man in a wheelchair in so much pain he was nearly in tears. He had osteoporosis in his spine and no cartilage in his knee. I prayed for him and began to feel the Holy Spirit moving over my arms like a wave. After the second prayer, I asked if he was sensing anything as we prayed and he said heat had suddenly started from his neck and was moving down his spine after the second prayer. We prayed a third time and he now said his legs were tingling. The heat and tingling continued and he reported all his pain was gone. He was so overwhelmed. He said that he can occasionally stand up, but it hurts to much to do so. So what did I do? I told him to stand up and show the Lord he had faith to walk out this healing. He stood and took several steps and said his pain was gone.

We prayed for five other people: one with trigger finger in her thumb and several with severe back pain and limited motion. All of them felt complete release of pain and movement in their backs. The trigger finger was still “glitchy” when she moved it, but it no longer hurt. One woman felt about 80% better in her back, so we prayed a second time and all the pain went away. I asked her if she felt heat on her back and she said “Yes. How could you know that?” The truth is, I was feeling waves of the Holy Spirit moving over my back and then my hand began to feel the heat rising off her back. Jesus showed Himself in a personal way to her. This was a great way to start the Easter weekend. Jesus is amazing. Praise Him.

Broken Back in 6 Places Healed by Power of Prayer

Testimony from Mary Margaret Puplava
My step-father Dean, was trying to place a humidifier on a rafter shelf in his garage. Needing one more inch, he stepped onto the top step of the 6 foot ladder. He lost his balance and the ladder gave out. He fell flat on his back and was knocked unconscious. Thankfully, his head landed on the basin of the humidifier and provided a cushion. When he regained consciousness, he could barely move and was rushed to the hospital.

Every update was worse than before. At first he couldn’t feel his feet and the doctors thought he was going to have mild paralysis. They were certain that his L1 was fractured into pieces. After that, the doctors did multiple CT scans and x-rays. We were told that he had broken his back in 6 or more different places. They felt he would definitely need surgery right away. Dean started to feel numbness and tingling in his legs and the pain was tremendous. Multiple doctors who examined him, the CT scans and x-rays said it was very serious.

As soon as I got the first call, I got down on my knees and prayed harder than I have ever prayed. My mother-in-law and I started a prayer chain with our church, our friends and everyone else we could think of. My family was overwhelmed with the support and prayers that came our way. My mom, Susan, is a new believer and she too stepped out in faith, believing in the power of prayer. We all stepped out of our comfort zones and declared healing over Dean in the name of Jesus, Who loves us. The Wednesday Night Prayer team spent most of their hour praying for a miracle for Dean.

By 10:00 PM, the most amazing events began to unravel. At first Dean began to get the feeling back in his legs and feet. The doctors ordered an MRI as they continued to run tests. After the MRI, the doctors came to my Mom completely baffled. ALL of the T-fractures were simply GONE! The only fracture was his L1, which is the easiest to heal and does not require surgery. They compared x-rays and scans, but could not explain or fathom how his first tests were completely different from the last ones. In their eyes… it was impossible. In our eyes… it was God! He was released with a simple neck brace. Praise the Lord!

Miracles Accompany Team in Mexico:

One of our members, Chris Preitauer, spent some time in Mexico, where he experienced first hand the work of God. Here’s a link to his blog where he shares about his experience!

Here’s  a little bit of what you’ll read:
“Our third and final day ministering in the small agricultural town of Vicente Guerrero (Mexico) did not disappoint. The previous two days were full of the presence of God, tears of joy, and of healing. This last ministry opportunity occurred Sunday morning. After worship, my mentor Mark Cowper-Smith took the microphone. He immediately asked for someone who had significant pain or limited motion to come forward for healing. A woman named Virginia came forward. She had pain in her right knee.”

[Chris Preitauer attends Gathering Place Church, a non denominational Christian church in North County San Diego. He serves as head of the audio-visual team.]

Gout Healed While Sitting in Conference

Testimony from Kevin and Roxanne Matsukado
For the last 11 years Kevin has had gout in his feet. He has had poor circulation in his feet, which caused them to be very painful and turn almost a black and blue color. On May 8, 2007 Kevin and the other leaders from church were at a conference held at Bethel Church in Redding, California. At around 7 pm they were asking people who needed healing to come up for prayer. Before Kevin could raise his hand for healing, he looked down at his feet one more time. This time he saw that their normal color had returned. He also had no swelling and no pain. He started to jump up and down, which he could never do before. He also noticed the bone spur protruding on his knee was gone. The bone spur was so painful, it hindered him from kneeling. Now he can kneel with no pain or discomfort. God had healed him entirely.

Connect Group Visits Hospitalized Woman with Leg Infection

Testimony from Les Meredith:
On Good Friday, six members of my Connect Group, joined by Chris Preitauer, went to the hospital to pray for “a friend of a friend” of Becky Salimi as she had been battling a serious leg infection for several weeks without relief.  My Group had been studying healing prayer and is designed to get people out in the community to practice what we learn. The woman we met was a Christian. Her teenage daughter and friend were visiting. The mom had been in the hospital for over three weeks.  Her legs were bright red and swollen 3 times normal, as she suffered from inherited Lymphodema, Cellulitis from the infection, and the infection itself.

We explained that we were there in faith for God to heal her. We told her we would also pray against the inheritance of the Lymphodema so it would not be a burden on her children as it had been on her parents and siblings. We played some praise music and began praising God and thanking Him for who He is and for all the healing miracles we have been blessed to see.  We laid hands on her and began praying for healing and to break off the generational curse of Lymphodema. There were immediate manifestations of God’s presence in the room, as several persons felt heat and some were “tingling” as if a body part had fallen asleep. The overall atmosphere of a sterile hospital room definitely changed to one of peace and God’s presence. When we commanded the pain to leave her, she said it felt like it ran down her legs and out of her feet. Several of us could feel her legs twitching as we prayed. After about 15 minutes, her legs were less red. We continued to pray and several persons said they could see (in the Spirit or actually with their eyes open) “extra” spiritual hands reaching out to touch her along with ours. When we finished, the teenage friend said she had never witnessed anything like this. She had an incredible heat and a sensation of peace had blown over her while we prayed.

Chris checked on her the next day. She was not feeling too much better and perhaps was feeling even worse than when we had left her the night before. However, within a few days, she experienced a dramatic turn around and was released after being a month in the hospital.  One week later, Chris and Becky went to see her  to pray for her again on the day she was discharged and she was doing well.


Ear Drum Healed

Testimony from Guest Visitor:
I wanted to share my joyful news with Gathering Place Church about my ear drum. I perforated my ear drum a year ago and it leaked. That’s how you know it’s perforated. The injury takes about six months to heal on its own and it usually requires surgery. All was okay for awhile, but then I perforated it again in September. God had a plan. The day before we were to leave for Hawaii, we attended a Les and Dawnette Meredith’s Connect Group and they prayed for healing. The trip went fine and my ear hasn’t bothered me since. I went to the specialist this past Thursday to confirm what I presumed. Yes, your prayers worked and God healed my ear drum! Because natural healing takes a long time, this is the only explanation. God healed my ear drum and I can finally resume swimming again.


Two Women Healed at School of the Supernatural:

Testimony from Chris Preitauer
We had testimony of a hip bone being healed at Wednesday Night Prayer.  Janet, a senior woman who attends Gathering Place Church, normally walks with a tall walking stick due to pain and deterioration of her hipbone. She had had x-rays and received a diagnosis that she needed surgery. I met Janet while we were praying for healing for a young lady at the So Cal School of the Supernatural about a month ago. This young lady, Tiffany, was healed immediately of asthma, a deviated septum, and breathing difficulties through prayer. At the time, I prayed for Janet’s hip. Two weeks later, I prayed again for Janet’s hip bone to heal. Two weeks later than that, Janet announced that her new x-rays show she does not need surgery anymore! Praise God.


Healing for Rare Pregnancy Complications

Testimony from Rachel Cannon:
This year has been a great year of the Lord showing us that He is working for us. At the beginning of the year, He told me that this would be a year of completion. So through the year I wrote down all of the miracles and ways the Lord has worked in our lives.

In January we found out that I was pregnant again. Nathan got a job change that would help free up his time and he got a company truck. The Lord also provided for us in a financial crunch.

March brought scary news. We found out that the baby’s growth was potentially being affected by something I had called MTHFR, a rare genetic condition. I was told that I would have to take Vitamin B + extra folic acid because my body was not synthesizing the folic acid it had and therefore the baby was not getting enough folic acid to develop properly. We were also told the baby had a cyst on his brain, which could mean he had Down’s syndrome. During all of this, I was taking a shot in the stomach every day of Lovenox in combination with one baby aspirin in hopes that we would not experience a second stillborn child. (Our first little boy, Christian, went to Heaven 10 days before he was supposed to be born.) The doctors had diagnosed me with something called Antiphospholipid Syndrome because my “level” was 17. Anyone with levels anywhere near or above 20 is diagnosed with this particular syndrome.

So we prayed. We had already been praying about the Antipospholipid Syndrome, but now we had two more “problems” to pray about. Thank God that these were not problems to Him. At our next appointment in April we found that the MTHFR was GONE. The cyst on the baby’s brain had DISSOLVED. And the Antiphospholipid level was 3-4 (which means it was GONE)!! The doctor told us there was no medication that could lower this level. August 25th, our very healthy baby boy Eli was born. He had a staph infection one week after he was born, but we took him in to the doctor. We prayed and it was gone in four days. All of our pregnancy complications were healed by God.

Woman’s Jaw Pain and Another’s Ear Drum Healed:

Testimony from Les Meredith
Sunday at church there was a powerful move of the Holy Spirit for healing. Guest speaker, Sean Smith, was calling out words of knowledge for conditions God was ready to heal. We then laid hands on several people and prayed. The very first person was instantly pain free as God healed her jaw.

I later prayed a blessing on the Pastor. Suddenly my hands “fell asleep” and I could not even close them into a fist. It was like I had electric sand filling my fingers. This had never happened before, but I knew that God had put a blessing on my hands to heal in a new way at that moment.

I immediately went over to a woman named Margaret, who was getting prayer for a deaf ear on her right side. I laid my hands on the hands of the two women praying for her, and told the ear to open. I just knew God would restore her hearing.  Praise God! She could suddenly hear us praying for her. Everyone was crying with joy. Our Pastor tested her hearing by whispering and then walking to 20 feet away to see if she could hear– and she heard it all! I had been given the Gift of Faith to pray for a miracle, and the Holy Spirit was the power that made it happen.  Praise the Lord for another life changed by His power and presence!

Multiple Healings for Mother and Son:

Testimony from Pam Hodge
I almost died due to delivery complications including pre-eclampsia and a severe spike in blood pressure. I was rushed to the hospital vomiting during the labor. My husband called Connie DeLonge and she prayed with us. Thirty minutes my blood pressure had stabilized. Our son was born five weeks early by c-section. After delivery my blood pressure went up again and stayed high for 5 days.

After we took our son home and he became very jaundiced. We took him to urgent care Saturday night and his bilirubin score was very high. We took him home and went to church the next morning. After the service Tim and Michelle Larkin anointed the baby with oil and prayed for him. The most AMAZING thing happened right before our eyes during the prayer. We looked at our baby and watched the yellow coloring completely drain slowly out of his skin revealing a nice healthy glow! Monday we took him back to the doctor and had for blood work. There was not a trace of jaundice!

I had another episode of high blood pressure a week later. My doctor said my kidneys were shutting down. He wanted me to go straight to the hospital to be admitted. I had just been in the hospital and did not want to go back as I was nursing the baby. We called Tim and Michelle. They prayed with us while we drove to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital instead of admitting me they said the doctor wanted to talk to me first. So we waited while they did some lab work. Then the doctor, scratching his head, said, “I don’t understand this!” He checked my earlier lab report that was very bad showing that my blood pressure was borderline stroke. For some reason, he said he felt this sudden need to do the entire test again before admitting me. The tests showed no high blood pressure and only a minor kidney infection. He said he could not explain it, but we knew it was GOD! He then sent us home. We have seen and experienced so many amazing things that could ONLY BE GOD since we have been coming to GPC.

X-ray Confirms Broken Arm is Healed with Prayer:

Testimony from Les Meredith
Aaron had a broken arm that looked like it would need surgery to close the gaps. Dawnette and I prayed for Aaron’s arm on Halloween. He said he felt “hot oil” pour down his arm into the area of the break. We all felt God answered our prayers that day and it would be healed. We believed this since the sensation of “hot oil” is what several other people had been reporting after prayer and they were subsequently healed or had significant pain reduction.

About a week later, x-rays were taken again. The technician told Aaron that the bone was not healed. I was a little depressed as I had felt God was calling me to a healing ministry. But, glory to God, Aaron came by yesterday to tell me that he saw the surgeon. He was told that the x-ray had in fact showed the arm was healed two weeks ago! The technician had made a wrong interpretation of a shadow in the bone, which will always be there. They apologized to Aaron and confirmed the cast had been left on two weeks longer than it had needed to be! God had indeed healed the arm and Aaron would not need surgery.

[Les and Dawnette Meredith have attended Gathering Place Church, a non denominational Christian church in North County San Diego, since 2009. They serve as Connect Group Leaders and have a strong gift of faith for prayer, miracles, and healing. They also serve on the Prayer Team and at food outreaches at local churches. Read more about their ministry.]