Hi Pastor John!
Here’s what happened last Thursday.  We had 3 men working on the house.  One of them fell off a ladder backward and hit his head on the concrete driveway.  His boss heard that terrible sound of his head hitting concrete.  He laid there a while and was dizzy when he got up.  We  brought him inside and put ice on his head and back, gave aspirin and arnica.  I asked him if he believed in Jesus and he said yes immediately.  When I asked him if I could pray for him he said absolutely!
Over the course of 2 hours I prayed for him 3 times with him but really prayed a lot more for him all day and had a friend pray too!  He kept saying he was gonna wake up with a terrible headache but I prayed with him that he’d feel really good the next day and be able to go on his trip with his wife the next day.  I told him to call me after his doctor appt. the next morning.
He called me before the doctor appointment saying he hadn’t felt so good in a year.  Then he called back after the appt.  Xrays showed no injury.  The doctor said it was amazing how good he was doing given the details of the fall.  He then went on his trip but thanked me so much for praying and said I must know somebody up there!

His boss also thanked me 3 times.

He and his wife were so thankful that he didn’t have to file a workers comp claim.  I told him about our church fasting for more healing and that I felt I didn’t have enough faith to pray for physical healing so this was a great experience for me too.  Now I pray that these 2 men, Ray and Tracy will have an overwhelming desire to draw close to Jesus.  AMEN!