For as long as I can remember I have had major anxiety.some days worse then others. It was just getting worse and worse.

It was a good day if I only had 2 or 3 major attacks.

If I slept 5 hours without waking up in a panic I was happy. I don’t know how to say how bad it really was just that my anxiety was out of control.

And I felt I would never get it under control.

Last Sunday before church I was talking to a woman and I mentioned my anxiety getting worse and how my son has realized when I’m having an attack. He helps me cope. Sweet but sad because he is only 3.
I sat down listened to the service. At the end you said there is someone suffering from anxiety attacks. My first thought was…  he isn’t talking about you sit down and stay quiet. He is talking about someone with worse anxiety then you. So All I could do was hug my dad tight. That moment I felt okay and loved but then I got the thought of

         ” let me love you like that, let me hold you like that”.

So I decided to go to the front and get prayed for. When he was praying for me I took this deep breath and then I felt like all this weight was lifted off like I was light as a feather. I could breath. After service I got my child and went on with my day/ week. It’s now Thursday and i haven’t had 1 anxiety attack.

Not 1 panic attack nothing.

I wake up with peace and sleep peacefully. I had this urge to tell someone so I told my dad. He was the one who said I’m supposed to give God all the glory and share this..but even now to write this feels weird kinda because I guess I’m still shocked God loves me this much.
Also even sharing my personal life used to give me anxiety. I guess when you asked me to share I was worried I would have an anxiety attack over something so small and I just didn’t want it to come back.. well nope nothing. It’s my lunch break and still feeling the peace.
Thank you