Hi Pastor John:

I have wanted to write to you about what recently happened to me at the beginning of this month, one Sunday at our church, but I was stalling because I had to understand it myself first. I didn’t know how to describe what I was feeling about the healing I received, during a prayer team session, but I think I do now, so I’m ready to tell you.

First the background story:  I have had issues, on and off, with my left knee from taking dance fitness classes, and recently I hurt it even worse getting off a ski lift.  My ski got caught under my husband’s and it tweaked my knee pretty bad.  We were about to leave on another skiing trip, and it was still hurting me so I was worried about it.  That Sunday I decided to ask for prayer, but I should mention I have been skeptical about doing so because though I’ve heard many stories of healing with the laying of hands, I myself had never seen or experienced it.  So I received prayer from Carol and Mark, and at the tail end Bella also joined.

Mark asked me my “current” pain level, and I believe I said a 3 or a 4.  He instructed me to sit down, and he and Carol laid hands of my knee.  I can’t remember a single word of what anyone prayed as I was too focused on the sensation in my body.  As they began to pray, both legs from my hips to my knees tensed up as if someone else had control of them. I was totally relaxed mentally so I had no reason to be tense in my legs.  Anyway there was a period of time about 20-30 seconds, when I couldn’t relax my quad muscles. They were completely contracted, and then suddenly they relaxed. I was so stunned and I probably would not have spoke about it immediately except that precisely the moment they relaxed, Mark asked, “Did you feel anything.” I couldn’t say no of course, so I told them all what just happened. And that I had

no pain left in my knee. None whatsoever.

I realty struggled for a few weeks about how I felt about being touched this way by The Holy Spirit for the first time.  I was wrestling with what I felt and if there was some sort of unbelief or lack of Faith on my part because I just couldn’t believe it really happened. I came up with many possible explanations, but none of them could explain the tension I felt in both my quads. Finally last night I realized what you call my reaction, and it almost funny how simple it is; I’m amazed. That’s it. It’s that simple. I throw the word amazing around. I use it in all sorts of situations regarding food, nature, etc….but then in thee MOST AMAZING of circumstances I drew a blank.  I hope this makes some sense to you. And if it does, maybe you can explain it better to me!!