Pastor John I just wanted you to know  I bruised my tailbone from a fall on Tuesday and was seen in the Emergency Room. It was extremely painful.

I wasn’t sure I would be able to sit through Sundays Church Service. I’m very thankful you allowed prayer teams to help others during the songs of worship. Mark Nelson and Mark Myers helped pray for me and my back… while they prayed I smelled an acrid , acidic smell , I believe the smell had been released from me, and after the prayers I then could continue standing and sing and when I went to sit to listen to you speak, I was comfortable and I felt a numbness in my back and rt leg and rt foot, allowing me to feel numbness there instead of pain.
When I  went to sit in my car for the ride home there was less pain and when I returned home I could move about more easily. And today when I woke this was the first day I rose without pain. I have some pain still, a steady pain, but not like it was before. Thanks to our Lord and Our Saviour Jesus Christ he used Mark and Mark and their prayers to help ease my pain, and lessen it and make me comfortable.
I just wanted you to know, this is my second time in only 2 weeks in approaching the prayer teams and asking for prayer….I feel God calling me and pulling me there and that he will help me.
Thank you also Pastor John for the very inspiring talk you gave Sunday. It was so informative and the information flowed like a book. I have always thought that asking for my back to be healed is too much to ask of God, but you reminded me to ask BIG and pray the Big things, because He is the one who Will answer.