Do you know how gifted you are? Exactly as gifted as God wants you to be.

Comparison is an awful thing.

When you are not as gifted as the person beside you, or on social media, you can get down on yourself and feel you have nothing to offer.

On the other hand, if you are super-gifted, you can look at those who are not and feel superior.

But what is God looking at? He is not looking at how gifted you are, but what you are doing with your gift(s).

“Again, heaven’s kingdom realm is like the wealthy man who went on a long journey and summoned all his trusted servants and assigned his financial management over to them. Before he left on his journey, he entrusted a bag of five thousand gold coins to one of his servants, to another a bag of two thousand gold coins, and to the third a bag of one thousand gold coins, each according to his ability to manage.” Matthew 25:14-15 TPT

As you read on in this parable you see that those who invested what they had were commended, brought their master joy, and were given more! However, the one who only had the least did not do anything with it (he had his own excuses, you may have yours), and he lost everything.

God gives gifts, talents, and resources to all. He is not looking for an equal outcome, but he does expect us to use what we have to bless others. If we do, He will continue to multiply what we have so we can be an even bigger blessing.

Use what you have, no matter how large or small it is.

You will bring joy to God.
You will bless others.
You will be given more.