“Carried Away” 7-14-2019

Power of the Holy Spirit – July 7, 2019

Testimony – That Can Be Your Promise Too

On April 7th we heard a few testimonies of God working and responding in peoples lives. I honestly couldn't tell you about any except one from Jesse Miller. He talked about his position in used [...]

“Three Love Stories” – 6-30-2019

Pentacost Sunday

Did you know that just as God's Son is God's gift to us, so is His Spirit? In fact, Peter says in Acts 2:38, "...and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." Why would God [...]

Dear Moms: We love you! You are courageous, strong, caring, and tremendously sacrificial – all for the sake of others. You reflect God’s love to us all. We would like to invite you to join [...]