I am really looking forward to our new teaching series beginning this Sunday. It is simply called,


The reason we are doing this is because as the world gets crazier, if we do not stay close to Him, we will go crazy with it!

Jesus is always calm. Think about the story about the guys in the boat during a storm. They were crying out for help because they thought they were going to die. And they would know because they were seasoned fishermen. But what was Jesus doing?

He was sleeping.

Do you think He was sleeping because He was oblivious? Or maybe since He was a carpenter and a preacher, and not a fisherman, He did not know the grave danger they were in?

Or do you think He was calm because He was in control the whole time?

When you walk with Jesus you will sleep rather than fret.

This Sunday we will open the series with a teaching I am calling, “Walking with Jesus”. We will look at the story in Luke 24:13-35 where Jesus is walking with two of His disciples, after His resurrection.

This story is fascinating and has tremendous insights that we will all benefit from greatly. Go ahead and read this passage before Sunday and let the Holy Spirit begin drawing you closer to Jesus today!

I hope you will join us for this entire series. I know it will deepen your love for Jesus and strengthen your heart for the days ahead.