julie millerWhat I Do For GPC: Kids’ Church Teacher

What I Do For Fun: Go on adventures with my family and friends: beach, bike riding, swimming, and parks!

What Makes Me Laugh: Jesse’s corny jokes.

What Makes Me Cry: Sometimes my kids!

In A Previous Life (before GPC): Worked with kids: church, sports, school teacher. Played and coached basketball and soccer. Went to college and bible school.

Best Advice I Ever Received: To follow what is in my heart.

Things I Care About: Family.

Family Matters: Jesse and I have been married for 13 years, wow! A fun journey. Abigail, our daughter, is 8 years old and in the 3rd grade this year. She loves theater, and has a huge heart for people. Benjamin, our son, is 19 months old, and I don’t think has every stopped moving! He enjoys life and all the possibilities that each day can contain. I get the opportunity to be at home with him.

My Secret Talent: Basketball and soccer player and coach.

My Favorite Cartoon Character and Why: Goofy.Because he is funny

Grew Up Where: Alaska

Favorite Movies: Mighty

Food I Can’t Live Without: Chocolate

Favorite Books: Left to Tell.

Favorite Music/Bands: Group1 Crew

What Made Me Want To Follow Jesus: My mom

Contact information John@GatheringPlaceChurch.org