Whose Report Do You Believe?

This is the opening question in the Book of Isaiah chapter 53. This is the chapter that reveals Jesus being crucified over 700 years before Jesus came to earth, and before the means of death by crucifixion was even invented!

In this Chapter, it clearly reveals that Jesus died for both our sins and our sicknesses. The words in Hebrew clearly state this. However, to make it even more believable, when Matthew was writing about the life of Jesus, he literally quotes this Isaiah passage as Jesus was out healing people.

“That evening many demon-possessed people were brought to Jesus. He cast out the evil spirits with a simple command, and he healed all the sick. 17 This fulfilled the word of the Lord through the prophet Isaiah, who said, ‘He took our sicknesses and removed our diseases.’” Matthew 8:16-17 NLT

One day when I was believing God for healing, I was reading the promises in the Old Testament. I heard the Lord clearly tell me to get out of the Old Testament and into the new. I then received the revelation that I was not going to be healed, but that I already was healed at the cross! That is when the healing began to manifest in my body.

So, whose report are you going to believe?