“God wants us to complain.” … What?
Yes, that’s what Mark shared with us yesterday in his message, “Serving Whine with Our Thanksgiving. Mark pointed out that the most common type of psalm is where the writer meets with God in the midst of pain and loss.
We had great discussion groups after the message. I was struck by many of the comments and candid sharing. We were discussing how important it was to process thoroughly the pain we face, so we don’t take it into the next situation. One person commented, “Yes it’s like the settlement that needs to be cleared out of the bottom of the tank, so it doesn’t affect the new batch being made.”
When Pastor John gave us the ten-minute warning till the end of our service, he jokingly shared his group was still on the second stage, the complaint. Another group shared their appreciation of the template of the six stages. We now have a road map to lead us back to worship with integrity. We don’t have to hide or be shallow in our relationship with God or each other.
Contact Shell Cowper-Smith at shell@cowpersmith.org if you would like a worksheet that leads you through the process in more detail with questions to prompt your processing. The Gathering Place provides free one to one zoom workshops for those who would like to go deeper with this material. Click here for more information and watch this video. https://vimeo.com/439438932