Ric Higgins


Men’s Ministry

What I Do For GPC: Love, help foster fellowship, and heal wounds and lies from the enemy.

What I Do For Fun: Hang with my family, love my children, shoot, camp…

What Makes Me Laugh: All kinds of stuff.

What Makes Me Cry: The Holy Spirit, injustice, division.

In A Previous Life (before GPC): I was a wild man.

Best Advice I Ever Received: Lead with your heart.

Things I Care About: My wife, my kids, my friends, what’s on God’s heart.

Family Matters: I have 3 children approximately 10 years apart, yes family matters!

My Secret Talent: I love to cook.

My Favorite Cartoon Character and Why: Bugs Bunny, he’s cool.

Grew Up Where: I haven’t yet.

Favorite Movies: My Cousin Vinne, Thief, Spartacus.

Food I Can’t Live Without: Most.

Favorite Books: The Bible, Atlas Shrugged.

Favorite Music/Bands: Miles Davis, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Coltrane, Shirley Caesar, LaShun Pace, LaShun Pace, Eva Cassidy.

What Made Me Want To Follow Jesus: I needed Him, now I Love Him.

We meet Sundays at 10:00 am for powerful worship, prayer and teaching.

Offers: PO Box 1078 Poway, CA 92074
Gathering: 9550 Carmel Mountain Road, CA 92129
Email Us: info@gatheringplacechurch.org

Come early and meet some friendly people.