John Ettore

What I Do For GPC: I love God’s people by praying for them, teaching the Word, and helping them reach the world around them with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

What I Do For Fun: Spend time with my six kids, my wife, my friends, and play the drums.

What Makes Me Laugh: My staff.

What Makes Me Cry: My staff.

In A Previous Life (before GPC): I was a rock drummer. I was a music major at Ohio State University (go Buckeye’s!) I came to California with a Christian rock band but Jesus called to into the ministry.

Best Advice I Ever Received: Be yourself.

Things I Care About: My wife, my kids, my friends, what’s on God’s heart.

Family Matters: My wife is amazing. Not only is she a mother of six, and doing a great job as the Ring Master of the circus, but she has such a huge heart for suffering children around the world. That’s why two of our kids are special needs children we adopted from Vietnam and Africa and is an Epidemiologist working to stave the AIDS crisis in Africa. Her mom, Ms. Brenda, lives with us, and without her, this would be impossible. My oldest son, Elliott, has a great sense of humor and is a gifted musician. My next oldest, Isabella is our resident artist. Lily is the emotional barometer of the house, she can feel any little disturbance in the peace in the home. Samuel is our energizer bunny. Josiah lights up the house with his smile. And Eva is so talented and entertaining. The only pictures I have up on my office wall are theirs. They are our world.

My Secret Talent: I can burn things on the grill better than any man alive.

My Favorite Cartoon Character and Why: Yosemite Sam. He is always trying so hard and is so passionate about what he is doing.

Grew Up Where: Columbus, Ohio.

Favorite Movies: The Dream Team, Shine, A Beautiful Mind.

Food I Can’t Live Without: Italian

Favorite Books: The Bible, The Celebration of Discipline, When Heaven Invades Earth, The Secrets of the Vine, In the Grip of Grace – actually anything by Max Lucado, God’s Generals.

Favorite Music/Bands: Rush, Traffic, Kansas, Yes (especially old Yes), almost all Contemporary Worship.

What Made Me Want To Follow Jesus: I was empty.