romansWelcome to our summer teaching series!

Unpacking a book together over the summer months helps us stay connected even when your traveling or on vacation.
You can also listen or watch online when you are away.
We have chosen to study the book of Romans together. This book is SO POWERFUL! It covers about everything you could imagine pertaining to your life in Christ. Many scholars consider this book to be the pinnacle of New Testament theology.

As you take this journey with us you will find your faith in God growing deeper and your love for Jesus growing stronger.

This book covers topics such as:
• How God reached and rescued you when you had no hope: Grace!
• How it is Christ, and Christ alone, Who saves you (Think Martin Luther)
• How you can live a victorious life through the power of the Holy Spirit
• How the gifts God has given to each one of us makes us more dependent on each other and makes the body of Christ enormously powerful.
• God’s plans for the Jews and how you are a big part of His plan!
• And much more…