From Kristina Williams:

I just wanted to take the time to record a testimony of stepping out and praying.

2 weeks ago I was taking care of a 33 year old man with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. (I’m an RN for Oncology/Infusion). While I was hooking up his chemo he was very anxious and asking a lot of questions.

You could see the fear in him.

I asked him if he prays and he said, “not really.  My girlfriend  and her family are Christians and they pray for me all the time. She is the most amazing person and she did not leave me when she found out I have cancer.

We had a long discussion about hypocrites and being a Christian. He mentioned that his dad was a paramedic and has saved so many peoples lives and is such a good human being that nobody is going to tell him that he’s going to hell when a murder will go to heaven if he just believes at the last minute.

I also told him I had the same struggle when I first became a Christian. I also told him about the dream that God gave me when I had doubts. In my dream, I died in a car accident (My biggest fear) I was going up and saw the light. At the top of the light were amazing colors and the feeling I had was a cross between euphoria, joy, laughter and something that is not describable.

I said that I don’t have all the answers, I just know that when I surrendered; that I have joy, peace and am happier than I have ever been. I don’t have the anxiety that I used to have about getting into a car accident.  I told him about my dream and told him “Just go to God and ask him yourself.”

I also prayed for him after his chemo was done.

Today, I saw my patient again. He had this look of joy on his face. He was told today that in his PET Scan :

“All of the previously visualized hypermetabolic nodes/lesions have resolved metabolically compatible with a complete metabolic response to interval therapy (Deauville score = 1).  Residual non-hypermetabolic mediastinal nodes/masses are seen, most notably along the left upper mediastinum, compatible with treated disease.” 

He said the doctor today was surprised that the tumor in his chest that was 10 cm is gone after only 2 cycles of chemo.

I said to him, “You know that’s GOD, right”. He nodded his head, Yes.  Cancer does not disappear after 2 cycles of chemo. He is going to have 6 cycles of chemo, they check for response after 2 to see if It responds.

To make a long story short…I spent time ministering and praying and this man is showing no cancer in his body.

I have been looking for opportunities to pray and am taking more risks. I feel that the current situation with the covid virus is giving me more boldness and time to actually ask people what they are feeling and thinking.

GOD shows up when we ask.

Kristina Williams