Praying Together


But Many Churches Together Can Make a Different World

Unity always precedes revival. Jesus prayed in John chapter 17 that we would be one as He and the Father are one so that God would be glorified. This is the purpose of unity, so God can do a work that sweeps across our city and brings glory to His name.

Many of the pastors in North County San Diego have been meeting together for over 20 years, praying for revival. It is happening! The Lord has given this consortium of churches three clear directives:
1. Pray together
2. Praise together
3. Practical service together

Praying Together:

Regional Pastors Prayer – The Pastors of the area gather on the first Wednesday of every month to pray together over our region.

Service Together:

Public Schools and Faith Community Unite to Save Kids Lives!

An unprecedented relationship has been forged between the principals of the local high schools and the faith community to help strengthen families in our city.