Praise Story! written by Les Meredith
Some of you knew that Erik and Jasmine (and their three kids) had been told by their landlord they would have to move out of their house this month. The house needed painting and extensive yard work, and rather than just walking away and letting the landlord deal with it, Erik and his family decided to make it look nice and “do the Godly thing.” However, they did not have a place to move, even up to the deadline weekend there were no places they could afford.

The Saturday men’s group were keeping them in prayer and trying to help. Today I got the following update that the landlord was so impressed by their willingness to make it look great that the landlord let them sign another 12 month lease! But God had one more needed surprise…

{from Erik}

As many of you know, my family and I were trusting GOD for a place to live. We were given 30 days notice to find a place. With the help of friends, realtors, Internet, Craigslist, and many other sources we were not able to find anything that would solve our situation. We decided to worship HIM despite the circumstances, we refurbished our house and kept praying and praying and praying.
Today we just met with the landlord, signed another 12 month lease- but we needed rent by August 3rd – So to add another miracle to that, one of my guitar students paid me in advance for 40 lessons that’s $2000. GOD will Always provide!!!

God says to praise and give Him thanks in all circumstances. He loves to help a humble heart in desperate circumstances…