new sermon series The KingdomThere are three kingdoms: The kingdom of man, the kingdom of Satan, and kingdom of God.

The reality is, there has been a war raging since the fall of man between the kingdom of Satan and the kingdom of God, and the battleground, the prize, is the kingdom of man.

That is where the Church comes in.

We are God’s weapon in the earth against the powers of darkness.

The Apostle Paul clearly said that we are not wrestling against people, but Satanic spirits who want to rule nations.

That is why we MUST keep our eyes on our King, and His kingdom, and not get distracted by fighting earthly battles with human weapons. We must do our part as earthly citizens by voting and persuading others towards the principles of God,  but if we are going to be effective as citizens of heaven on earth, releasing heaven on earth, we must keep our eyes on Jesus and re-present Him everywhere we go.

This series of teachings will empower the Church as well as give those who have not yet given their lives to the King a clear picture of what is really going on.

Our desire is that the Church will rise up and that the lost will be saved!