Testimony from Kristina Williams

While listening to last Sunday sermon, I got a vision in my mind of a spray bottle (the kind you use to clean things).  I was thinking about how hot it is outside and how hot the homeless must be.

I decided to do something right then, Before I lost my nerve.

So Olivia and I went to the 99 cent store and bought all 6 spray bottles that they had. I also bought some snacks and baby wipes.
The next day we went out and looked for homeless people. I wasn’t sure where to go but the image of Washington (thought) came in my head. So I headed over to Washington in Escondido. Within one hour we had given out 6 Spray bottles with snacks to People out walking in the street. I got to pray for 2 people. One of them asked God can remove the hate in his heart.
Another man just asked to pray for the world and to have more nice people, like me,  and it.
This was such a great experience to share with my 14 year old daughter. We had both been down and depressed for the last week because of the recent death in our family. But both of us were so happy after that.

Thank you for giving us that message. Getting out of ourselves was just what we needed to help overcome the feelings of sadness.

We plan to keep doing this more consistently.   It was so fun to watch these homeless men and women get these spray bottles and squirt each other to cool off. One guy said “wow, what a great idea!” And I told them it was from Jesus.
Thanks for the encouragement and push to serve.

I’m doing this to Jesus.