Good morning Pastor John,

Once again I am writing you because my dad tells me too lol. Listen to this amazing testimony. Kinda long lol
My dad was in his office doing taxes and he called me in there. I went in and he just looked at me and said I know your not tithing and I don’t know why but you should be. I said well I think about it and want to but I budget everything and it makes me scared I don’t like messing with my money. And oh man what was I thinking by saying ” my money”.
My dad started to talk very passionately I might add. about how its Gods money, and scripture, and testimonies. And on and on… and all I could say was YOUR RIGHT I FEEL HORRIBLE I know I should be doing I get it.. he calmly said then do it. And I tried to reiterate how scared not being in control of my finances makes me.
So a few days later I was thinking about it more and I knew what I should do. Even still scared…On Sunday during the offering I took my phone out and signed up online for my tithes to come out automatically every week. I have no idea what the announcements were because all I could think was lord my dad made his point I know I’m supposed to do this. I’m scared, but he said I can test you so here it is.. here is the test. It’s now been only 2 weeks and well of course my dad was right.
See the thing is last year i signed a legal agreement with the IRS, SMFL (federal student loan)  and well they keep my tax return for the NEXT 6 YEARS.
So of course to my shock ( no shock to my dad though) I got my tax refund!!!!
Thank you