Hello Pastor John,

I really wish I could be here today to talk about what happened on Sunday, October 1st.

I’ve been to The Gathering Place several times over the years with my brother Mike and his family, and since last March my daughter has been coming too.

This particular day was very special to me, because it was when I received Jesus in my life.
During the mass, Pastor John was talking about Jesus flowing thru your body like a flowing river, and that’s what I felt when I was in a prayer group with Pastor John and Hope.

We were praying for my cousin who was just diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and my boyfriend who just found out he was in remission from stage 4 brain and lung cancer, when all of a sudden I felt the sensation of Jesus’s presence flowing thru my body like the flowing river Pastor had talked about earlier.

The feeling I felt afterwards was amazing. I felt so much happiness, joy and relief. I felt so connected to Jesus, and to everyone around me.

Since that day, my days feel so fulfilled, I know my life is so much more complete knowing that having Jesus in my life is helping me with everything I am going thru. I’m feeling so much happier and relieved. Now with my upcoming baptism, I am so excited about the new beginnings in my life.

Thank you,