With my husband getting stationed in North Chicago and me getting out of the military our financial
situation had changed and we were still trying to figure out all the finances and money was becoming
tight. My husband getting less wages being stationed in North Chicago and me only receiving a disability check
which is less than half of what I use to make in a month.

My husband started to worry. He was making and going over budgets almost everyday if not twice a day. Then childcare was becoming a possible issue. We are part of a program that helps out military families pay for a part of their childcare. And with me being out and being a full-time student, we weren’t sure how much they would cover as our application was being reviewed.

My husband started worrying more.

Telling me we were going to have to take our daughter out of daycare if they covered less than currently, I’d have to quit my volunteer work with the VA and figure out how to balance school and watching her. Now first off, my husband is not a believer. But I told him, “though I know you don’t believe this I know God will provide.”

Now God had been weighing on my heart for a while now to do my full 10% for the tithe. So, I finally
broke down and calculated out what 10% was from my disability check. I wasn’t going to take away
money from my husband that is his money. Now even with him freaking out about money and checking
both of our accounts to see where money was going, I decided to still take out the money for the month
for my 10% and put it towards our church and God and gave it that upcoming Sunday.

That next day we got notification from the program helping with childcare. They are pretty much covering the full cost of daycare. God giving us doubt back from what I am putting forth for the tithe.

God is good, and He does provide.