The following testimony was shared with Pastor John by Mark Nelson.
Mike and I walked up to a man in the parking lot today. He was stretching and he was clearly uncomfortable in his body. We asked him how he was doing and got chatting and then asked if he had pain in his knee. He told us he had a crazy accident – he fell off scaffolding and had reconstructive surgery that cost $110,000. He was experiencing pain in his knee. I asked him what the pain level was from 1-10 (with 10 being extreme pain). He said it was a 3. We prayed a simple prayer in JESUS name and them asked him to check it. He said it felt better and that the pain was now at a 1.
We celebrated God’s touch and asked if we could pray again for complete healing.
I asked if he had discomfort in his right hip and he said he did, so prayed there too. After that Mike asked him if his legs were different lengths after the surgery and he said they were. We told him we had seen legs grow out and that God wanted to grow his leg out and bring his body back into alignment (the way He designed him to be). We knelt down, took his shoes off and lined his legs up — sure enough one leg was clearly longer than the other. We prayed and his leg grew out.
What we didn’t know is his toes had been locked since February (no movement at all, with numbness in his ankle and calf) and immediately they came unstuck (feeling and movement restored). This is when he lost it, he started jumping up and down. Then he did a plyometric jump up on the bench and then up on the table. At this point his girlfriend walked over and he began to tell her what God had done. She confirmed that he hadn’t moved his toes on his right foot since the beginning of the year. He was overwhelmed by God’s love. Kept giving us these huge man hugs and couldn’t believe the change in his condition.
What a privilege to partner with God to see the hurting healed! 
God is so good and JESUS defeated death to release healing on the earth thru ordinary men and women “on earth as it is in heaven!”