It’s hard to be brief about all that God has done.  In October I turned down an opportunity to take another job (within my company) in lieu of a possible promotion to an inside sales role and training of new employees.  Shortly after that I was asked to do something completely different that didn’t align with my skills or experience.  I was also asked to stop training customer service skills and coaching out new employees.
By December even that had been taken from me but I was still training all the new hires which I had been doing for over a year.  I then started training some one for the position that was originally offered.  It goes a step further when the VP of the company started doing coaching and conditioning of our new employees.  At this point I had no clue what was going on, I worried about my job but remained hopeful.
On the 20th, as we rounded the final week of the 21 day fast, John spoke about God wanting to do big things in our lives but so often we give up before these things happen.

I remember an open prayer for raises and promotions and a call to make a promise with God.

3 days later I went to the VP of the company and informed her of my desire to do the job she had recently taken over.  She had thought I didn’t want that job and that was why she was doing it.

By lunch time that same day my new position and job description had been created & I got my own office!

HE wasn’t done! I never mentioned a raise with my employer, I was actually comfortable with my currently salary.  God had my back there and I was given a raise and bonus incentive that was far more than I would have negotiated.  I am keeping my promise to God because He is good and He loves me.
I thank Him every day for his blessings.  We are loved beyond our capacity to comprehend.  This is what it looks like.